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CRAV is excited to announce the 2024 eligibility criteria for flood relief funds for Vermont's cannabis industry. 


We were collectively successful as an industry and association to raise over 20k in 2023 at the Higher Calling Music Festival, an event created by CRAV members, board, and supporters to step up as a group to address the massive damage that flood waters rained down on our farmers, manufacturers, and dispensary members.

While the festival had the best intentions, it faced financial challenges. The board has been busy closing that event out and focusing on our new organizational structure, which you can follow on our updated website. As a group, we have now shifted our full attention to providing relief, recognizing that many still struggle from the historic flood.

Over the next 4-6 months, we will be accepting and reviewing applications for these relief funds. Although the funds are limited and only a small part of the greater need, we are incredibly proud as a board to offer these grants to support our neighbors as best we can today. Click the button below to be taken to an application for funds. 

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