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CRAV (Cannabis Retail Association of Vermont) is a nonprofit organization established in 2023 dedicated to representing and advancing the interests of licensed cannabis retailers throughout Vermont. Our mission is to enhance the retail landscape by fostering collaborative relationships among growers, manufacturers, consumers, and key stakeholders. We are committed to responsibly expanding the cannabis market and establishing our members as leaders within the retail sector. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, CRAV strives to promote excellence and integrity in the industry, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for the cannabis industry in Vermont.


CRAV envisions a unified and thriving cannabis community in Vermont, where the retail market acts as a cornerstone for collaboration and growth.

We are dedicated to representing and elevating the interests of licensed cannabis retailers and their employees across the state. Our vision extends to fostering strong partnerships with growers, manufacturers, and other industry sectors, working together to enhance the entire cannabis ecosystem. By strengthening these connections, we aim to lead in innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, ensuring that the cannabis industry flourishes through responsible and integrated practices.


The purpose of CRAV is to serve as a representative body for licensed cannabis retailers in Vermont. This is a member based organization that allows for other tiers of the industry to join, engage and network with licensed retailers.

We  provide owners, employees and major stakeholders access to an association of Cannabis professionals that represents the retail landscape and industry as a whole. We host in-person and virtual networking opportunities across the state, along with monthly association meetings that focus on the cannabis industry, featuring discussions on pertinent topics and guest speakers.  We meet once a month via Zoom and once per quarter in person  at varying locations and venues.

Our Key Objectives Include:

  1. Community Building: To foster a strong community among retailers, growers, manufacturers, and consumers, promoting cooperation and mutual support. 

  2. Leadership: To establish its members as leaders within the retail market segment and the broader cannabis industry through thought leadership, ethical practices, and sustainability initiatives. 

  3. Education: To provide educational resources and training for retailers and their staff to promote compliance, professionalism, and excellence in the industry. 

  4. Advocacy: To advocate for the interests and needs of cannabis retailers and industry members at the legislative and regulatory levels, ensuring that their voices are heard and considered in policy-making processes. 

  5. Market Development: To support the growth and development of the cannabis market in Vermont through responsible practices, innovation, and high standards of operation

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Top Quality Flower and Products are Available to Vermonters Across the State.

Go into any two Vermont retail dispensaries and you're likely to have two completely different experiences. That's what makes Vermont an attractive destination for shoppers seeking the best cannabis around. Top notch growers, talented edibles producers, expert concentrate manufacturers, beverage creators and more, make it a robust and competitive market. CRAV strives to be a key player in this beautiful ecosystem. 

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